Age: 16 years
Weight: 11 lbs.
Color: Black
Distinguishing Characteristics: only one eye

Suspect is leader of the "Gang of Fur", Anderson branch.

Orion, aka "The Pusscat", has string of crimes dating back to 1994, when he infiltrated the House of Anderson.

While there is currently little physical evidence connecting him to several biscuit stealing events, he is widely considered the only one capable of opening the container. He is stealth, has excellent hunting skills and like most cats, can seemingly disappear at will.

He is known to have an extremely large catnip habit. He also seems to have a taste for Irish Cream Liquer, but has limited access to the supply chain.

Only known fear is fur contact with water.

Does show a weakness for affecton from humans. This seems to have developed over time because records indicate he was born feral and was a known biter at that time.

Known Criminal Activity (includes but is not limited too): knocking moveable items from their place to the floor, breaking and entering venetian blinds, aiding and abetting in theft of dog biscuits, drinking out of human beverage containers, knapsack napping, and concealing evidence for all felines in the gang.

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