The Whole Gang

They really all did and do get along. Noodles has been a challenge because when she got here she was a biter, hisser and growler. Orion & Boots didn't understand why she was constantly upset. It took time, spaying, and a lot of TLC but Noodles has very definitely calmed down and become an almost-lap-cat.

Merlin was a gentle soul and loved his cats and they loved him. Boots would constantly give Merlin full head and body rubs. There were many times when they thought we weren't looking when we saw Orion & Merlin playing together just like they used to when they were the only two fursons in the family.

Noodles took a good long while to warm up to Merlin, but he enjoyed her hissing and growling. One hiss and Merlin's tail would start wagging, and he'd go into his play stance. Her presence seemed to keep him feeling spry in the last few years of his life. There were a few times early on where she clawed him in his nether regions, but he never held a grudge. He managed to show her who was boss, without harming a fur on her head. Noodles got so used to Merlin that she could be seen napping with him often.

One picture we don't have, unfortunately, is whenever I'd put tuna water in Merlin's bowl, he, Boots, and Orion would drink out of it at the same time without any fuss at all.

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