Age: approximately 6 years
Weight: I'm afraid we can't give out that information....
Color: Calico

Noodles joined the gang in 2004 and is someting of a loose cannon. She's calm and loving one minute, but turns in an instant. She has been known to hiss and growl at fellow gang members.The others have dubbed her "the interloper", though she is less than fond of the term. She has proven herself a useful addition, but would just as soon take all the catnip, treats and furry toy mice for herself.

Noodles is head of security and is in charge of shredding any and all documentation, even if it has nothing to do with gang activities. Her efforts have been successful to date as we cannot find the paper trail, only a trail of shredded paper.

Noodles has mastered the art of venus-soft-belly-trap, so forewarned is forearmed, and if you want to keep your forearm, you won't take the bait.

Fears include the evil glares of death from Orion, and of course fur contact with water which has not been initiated by herself.

Known Criminal Activity (includes but is not limited too): breaking and entering venetian blinds and any luggage, ripping and shredding paper including napkins, drinking out of human beverage containers,biting, scratching and hissing when displeased.

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