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AK Insignia Badge Double U E are here to protect humankind from the scourge of Xenomorph-LV426B-1A infestations cropping up in various sectors. As you may already know, the Xenomorph-LV426B-1A species attaches itself to a living human host, then uses that host to incubate it's young. We are still unsure whether or not the human hosts are then consumed by the adults, as we have limited information on the life cycle of Xenomorph-LV426B-1A, other than the fact that it's primary purpose seems to be the reproduction of the species itself.

We do know, however, that species Xenomorph-LV426B-1A must be eradicated from the universe. If the species is allowed to survive and reproduce, mankind's own survival will be at stake.

AK, or Alien Killers as we are widely known, was founded by CrewChief, who realized this threat and has dedicated his entire existence and that of his hand picked team to the destruction of species Xenomorph-LV426B-1A. We are your best and last line of defense. Should we fail in our mission, you will have very good reason to fear for your life.

But you can relax, for we do not count failure as one of our options. We WILL exterminate species Xenomorph-LV426B-1A, and all traces of it's existence from the universe, regardless of the cost.

So while we are very busy doing what we do best, please be patient while we build our Galaxy Wide Website to keep you informed as to our progress.

Krush+A*K+, Web Liason

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